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Inside My Classroom

Young women talking to each other while seated in a large group gathering

How to start the new year off right

Welcome to a new school year! The first few weeks may feel like a whirlwind, and you probably have a lot on your mind. Here are just a few tips to help you launch a great year.

Teacher sitting on classroom couch holding a book while two young students look on

That's 'LYFE'

Patricia Belluscio left a career in the fashion industry to work with infants and toddlers in the LYFE program.

Two women smiling, holding up UFT bag

Fellows welcomed to UFT, DOE

The UFT family grew by nearly 1,000 new teachers on June 17, as the Department of Education welcomed its newest cohort of New York City Teaching Fellows at an event at City Tech in Brooklyn.

Summer beach

Keys to a relaxing but productive summer break

Welcome to summer! Here are some suggestions for making the most out of a relaxing and productive break from school.

Classroom with comfortable armchair that says "Readers Throne"

The Readers' Throne

We use the Readers’ Throne in my classroom when students present their independent writing projects. 

Giving voice to the smallest complaints

I am a high school English teacher that has it pretty good. What follows is my attempt to give voice to the smallest, most insignificant complaints imaginable from my first year.

Who my students work hard for

At the beginning of each school year, I ask my students to write about and bring in a photo of a loved one to put on display so they can walk up to that photo in times of struggle and success to remind them who they work hard for.

Amazon Alexa plays an important role in my class routine

Each student in my 3rd-grade class takes a turn as ‘Alexa’s friend of the day.’

Is your teaching certificate about to expire?

With summer just around the corner, it’s crucial to meet upcoming deadlines for certification if your current teaching certificate is near its expiration date.