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Our Contract in Action

Our contract in action graphic

Our contract empowers us to make changes that will help us provide the best possible education to our students and grow professionally. It also presents an opportunity for chapter leaders to work with colleagues at each of your schools to build the strength of your chapters.

We've created a contract action toolkit with these links to downloadable, printable PDFs.

Other contract information

Curriculum and paperwork reduction

Due process and summons

  • Learn about members' rights to due process in the event of disciplinary charges, summonses, etc.

Leaves of absence

Letter in the File

  • Letter in File: More and Different Tools
    UFT members have several different tools and strategies at their disposal for dealing with a letter in one's file. This guide, composed of slides from a presentation delivered in May 2009, highlights the relevant rights that were retained from before 2005, the new rights established in the 2005 contract and those won in subsequent arbitration. It describes six strategies that may be employed when dealing with a letter in one's file, and shows examples using the UFT's online Step 1 Grievance application.

Member benefits

Professional Activities

  • Professional Activities Manual
    In the spring, the chapter leader should meet with the principal to discuss professional activities in accordance with Article 7. The purpose of this manual is to offer guidance on how to engage in the consultation process effectively and make sure members have a voice in the professional activities in which they will have to participate.

School-based Options

  • SBO Manual for Chapter Leaders
    School-Based Options (SBOs) allow your school to modify the collective bargaining agreement to better meet the needs and philosophy of your school community. They allow flexibility to collaboratively craft creative solutions specific to your school’s needs. SBOs remain in effect for one school year. This manual outlines the school-based process for requesting an SBO and explains the difference between an Article 8B SBO and an Article 7 SBO.

    If you are ready to submit an SBO for approval, please contact your district representative. Your DR will send you an email with the link to the online form you need to fill out.