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Videos for members

The UFT has created the following instructional videos for members on topics such as retirement, benefits, reimbursements and other helpful information. For closed captions, please click on the cc button at the bottom of each video.

Watch our latest video

Learn how to complete your DOE health benefits application for your health coverage as you transition to retirement.

Video library

Submitting health benefits through the HR Connect Portal
Follow our step-by-step directions to upload documents to the DOE's HR Connect online portal.

Who's eligible for IRMAA?
Our video explains what IRMAA is, how it works and what eligible retirees need to know to receive this reimbursement. 

Applying for Medicare ahead of retirement
Our video explains what you and your dependents need to know about applying for Medicare when you are planning to retire.

Medicare Part B & IRMAA reimbursement
Learn more about how to be reimbursed for Medicare Part B and IRMAA payments.

In-service Medicare
What members and their dependents need to know about applying for Medicare while remaining in-service.