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Mercury removal

By law all mercury must be removed from our schools. This includes globe program equipment, spectrum tubes, thermometers, barometers, BP kits and liquid mercury. If your school still has mercury, please fill out a chemical removal form, which can be obtained the Lab Specialist Forms page, and submit it to your custodian. If you do not hear anything in two weeks please contact Alphonsus E. Obaji at

Removal procedures for mercury & mercury-containing products/equipment

  1. Inventory:
    During the course of your annual chemical inventory make special note of any elemental mercury in your storage areas. Use the mercury inventory form. Look for glass jars, bottles, vials that may contain mercury.
    During the course of your annual equipment inventory make note of thermometer, barometers, hygrometers, vacuum gauges, steokel tubes, sling psychrometers, gas law apparatus, anemometers, blood pressure equipment — that may contain mercury.
  2. Make note on the inventory form of the number/amount of items, location (room, cabinet, drawer etc), number of non-mercury replacements needed, tag or identify the items with an obvious marking
  3. Complete the chemical removal form. Be sure to include all necessary information. Make a copy for your administrator and keep a copy for your records.
  4. Pass the completed form on to your principal, administrator or custodian for processing.
  5. * Do not move or remove mercury containing items yourself — the professional removal company will do this.

It is imperative that we remove all mercury and mercury containing equipment from our schools. If you need me to expedite removal please contact me at 212-598-7764 or e-mail me at Your cooperation in removing all mercury is greatly appreciated.