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Special class resources


State regulations

UFT teacher contract provisions

  • Program Preference, High Schools, Article 7, A1(f) and (g)
  • Program Preference, Intermediate Schools Article 7, B1(f) and (g)
  • Program Preference, Elementary Schools Article 7, C1(b) and (d)
  • Teacher Programs (Number of lesson preparations/rooms): High Schools, Article 7A2
  • Teacher Programs (Number of lesson preparations/rooms): Intermediate Schools, Article 7B2
  • Elementary Work Day
    Time not programmed for teaching, preparation, professional activity or lunch – Article 7, C4(f)
  • Special Education Positions and Assignments
    Posting Requirements Article 7, F3
    (Go to District 75 for contractual provisions pertaining to personnel in District 75 programs)