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Rules for working after retirement

If you are thinking of returning to work after retirement, you must adhere to some important rules to avoid jeopardizing your pension or Social Security benefits.

Scam Artists

Beware of scam artists

In a world that is increasingly dependent on technology, everyone is a potential victim of fraud. Tens of thousands of Americans fall prey to swindlers each year. But people over the age of 60 are targeted by scammers, often because they are trusting, polite, enjoy good credit, own a home and have financial savings.

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Dial UFT for free, confidential support

From offering support through friendly phone calls to advocating for retirees as they navigate the health care system, the geriatric social workers of the UFT's Retiree Social Services give free and confidential assistance to thousands of members each year. 

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All aboard! SHIP benefits upgraded

The Supplemental Health Insurance Program (SHIP), created by the UFT Retired Teachers Chapter to help members pay for out-of-pocket medical costs, continues to grow in enrollment and to enhance its reimbursement for benefits such as private-duty nursing, ambulance transport and hearing aids.

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NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan highlights

Here are the highlights of a webinar presentation on the new Medicare Advantage Plus Plan that was attended by more than 7,500 UFT retirees on Oct. 1.

The Many Benefits of RTC Membership

The many benefits of RTC membership

You may not be an in-service employee anymore, but you haven’t left the UFT. Now it’s time to become a member of the union’s Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) and participate in what’s considered the nation’s best retiree program for public school teachers and health care providers.

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Take advantage of the UFT Legal Plan with Elder Law Supplement

The UFT Legal Plan with its Elder Law Supplement helps and protects all Retired Teachers Chapter members and their spouses or domestic partners.

RTC remains connected to members worldwide

RTC remains connected to members worldwide

The Retired Teachers Chapter goes the distance to stay connected to its members — 71,097 retired UFT members who live all over the country as well as in Puerto Rico and Israel.

Retiree Social Services

Retiree Social Services provides key COVID lifeline

More retirees than ever are looking for support from the UFT Welfare Fund Retiree Social Services Department since the start of the pandemic. Some need practical, concrete assistance with food delivery or referrals for home care, while other who are overwhelmed by the threat of the virus need emotional support as they struggle with anxiety and isolation.

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'Fantastic journey' awaits course-takers

There has been a surge in registration for Si Beagle courses as classes switch from on-site to online and retirees become remote learners.