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RTC Service

A helping hand is just a phone call away

We can all use a little assistance sometimes. Retirees in need of a listening ear, help navigating hospital and rehabilitation stays, care for an ailing loved one, or other services can get free and confidential assistance by calling UFT Welfare Fund Retiree Social Services.

Getting in SHIP-shape will cover out-of-pocket costs

For $120 a year, UFT retirees who are members of the Retired Teachers Chapter can obtain supplemental benefits that reimburse them for some out-of-pocket expenses, including ambulance rides, dental work, hearing aids and private-duty nursing.

What you need to know about your TDA and RMDs

Most UFT retirees elect TDA deferral status when they first retire. But when they reach age 73, retirees must withdraw a set percentage of their funds from their tax-deferred annuity – called the required minimum distribution (RMD) — each year.

UFT retirees have access to free legal assistance

In addition to having legal letters written or phone calls made on a UFT retiree’s behalf, the UFT Welfare Fund Retiree Legal Plan with Elder Plan Supplement provides access to attorneys who can give advice, answer questions, review documents, prepare a will and more. Telephone advice and consultations are unlimited.

Enroll in the RTC to access membership benefits

From Si Beagle courses and social services to legal advice and supplemental health care, membership in the Retired Teachers Chapter offers many benefits. But membership is not automatic: You must enroll in the UFT’s Retired Teachers Chapter after you retire to remain a UFT member.

Seniors beware: Scammers often target the elderly

Senior citizens need to be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages designed to get them to hand over money or share personal information, an elder fraud expert told UFT retirees at the Retired Teachers Chapter membership meeting in May. Fraud is a booming business, said Anna Diao, chief of the Elder Fraud Unit in the Queens District Attorney’s Office.