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Brewing Wellness Podcast

Season 5

Episode 2 -

Choosing the right therapist can be challenging! In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Mike Veny, a professional drummer and podcaster and the best-selling author of "Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero," shares his own mental health journey and his experience finding a therapist suited to his needs. Join us for a discussion of the different types of therapists and modalities of treatment.

Episode 1 -

New beginnings can trigger fears. In this first episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Dr. Jarell Myers, a clinical psychologist, will discuss ways to work with our thoughts and feelings so we are not held captive by unhealthy fears. He will share an approach to building up tolerance through exposure and other strategies to help manage our anxieties.

Trailer -

Nourishing UFT members, one conversation at a time.

Brewing Wellness is a podcast created by the UFT Member Assistance Program to support the mental health and well-being of our members.

In order to do the work you do every day and be present for your loved ones, students, patients and colleagues, your cup has to be full. Brewing Wellness focuses on mental health and wellness topics that can help us all thrive in our professional and personal lives.

Selma Williams is the host. A new episode is released on the last Monday of each month.