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Brewing Wellness Podcast

Season 5

Episode 10 -

Just in time for Pride Month, this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast features a conversation with UFT educator Rashad Brown, co-chair of the UFT’s Pride Committee. He joins Mindy Rosier of the UFT Teacher Center for a discussion of the committee’s advocacy and goals, which include creating safe spaces within school communities. The committee also hosts the Daniel Dromm Scholarship Brunch and participates in an annual AIDS walk and a Pride March, which this year will be Sunday, June 30.

Episode 9 -

Grief is a universal experience that can stem from all types of loss. Grief is a response to a death, but it’s also common to feel grief after a breakup, while dealing with infertility or in the aftermath of the pandemic or any other traumatic experience. In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Gina Moffa, a licensed clinical social worker and the author of "Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go," shares what she has learned about navigating and healing from all kinds of loss at any age.

Episode 8 -

Acupuncture can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote physical and emotional well-being. In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Nicholas Sieben, a licensed acupuncturist and healer based in New York City, shares his personal journey with Chinese medicine and discusses how acupuncture can be used to manage chronic conditions and decrease mental stress.

Episode 7 -

Caregiving can be both a challenging and rewarding role. In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Christopher Chin, a licensed master social worker and the director of the UFT Welfare Fund Retiree Social Services Department, clarifies common misconceptions about caregivers and discusses why it is essential to care for yourself while caring for others. Learn ways to replenish yourself physically and emotionally so you can be present for yourself, as well as for someone else.

Episode 6 -

New year, new you! In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Dr. Pina LoGiudice, a naturopathic doctor and co-founder of the Inner Source Health clinic, discusses the connection between our physical health and lifestyle habits. Learn how you can feel better and have more energy in 2024.

Episode 5 -

Thankfulness is a feeling, and like all emotions, it is fleeting. Gratitude, however, is a state of being — an attitude of appreciation — under any circumstance. In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, we welcome Francine Steadman, the owner of BuddhaBooth, which has brought portable meditation spaces to schools and workplaces and is a longtime partner of the UFT Member Assistance Program. She joins Raul Garcia, the UFT Social Workers and Psychologists’ chapter leader, for a discussion of how to cultivate gratitude. They share ways to express and receive gratitude through acts of kindness as well as discuss strategies for improving our own social and emotional well-being.

Episode 4 -

We have all experienced the downside of not setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in our lives. In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Alexa Leigh Mulee, a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Wise Mind Counseling, and Christine Hanley, field liaison with the UFT Teacher Center, share their strategies for creating and managing mindful boundaries. Learn skills to help manage your emotions in effective and healthy ways. 

Episode 3 -

Are you preparing to welcome a new child into your life? If you are a UFT member employed by the Department of Education, you are eligible for paid parental leave. In this special episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Tanisha Franks, member representative, and Emily James, special projects coordinator, discuss the details. Birth parents, partners of birth parents, and foster and adoptive parents are all entitled to paid parental leave. To register for a workshop or to learn more about the paid parental leave benefit, visit; for questions, call the UFT at 212-331-6311.

Episode 2 -

Choosing the right therapist can be challenging! In this episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Mike Veny, a professional drummer and podcaster and the best-selling author of "Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero," shares his own mental health journey and his experience finding a therapist suited to his needs. Join us for a discussion of the different types of therapists and modalities of treatment. 

Episode 1 -

New beginnings can trigger fears. In this first episode of the Brewing Wellness podcast, Dr. Jarell Myers, a clinical psychologist, will discuss ways to work with our thoughts and feelings so we are not held captive by unhealthy fears. He will share an approach to building up tolerance through exposure and other strategies to help manage our anxieties.