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How to renew a license

What you need to know to complete your renewal application for Family Child Care and Group Family Child Care.


You must submit your renewal application at least 60 days before your registration or license will expire.


In order to renew your registration or license, you and all of your assistants must complete 30 hours of training, covering nine topics, between the start date of your current registration or license and its expiration date. You may complete this training after submitting your renewal application but not later than the expiration of your current registration or license. You are required to send proof that you have completed this training when you submit your renewal application. Proof may consist of a certificate, a letter from an instructor on letterhead or an attendance roster from the training organization. These documents must state your name, the training taken, the topics covered, the number of hours you were trained and the instructor’s name and signature.

Training Fast Facts

  • If this is your first renewal, the 15 hours of Health and Safety training that you have already taken for your initial registration or license can be counted as part of the 30-hour renewal training requirement – as long as you completed it after you submitted your initial application.
  • New assistants or alternate assistants who start after you have received initial licensing must complete at least 15 hours of training in one or more of the nine required topics during their first six months at work.

This training counts toward the 30-hour requirement. The assistant’s total training hours required by the renewal application date may be prorated, to match the percentage of time they were employed during the licensing period.

  • Substitutes do not have to take the 30 hours of training as long as they only fill in for the provider for 15 days or less during each year of the two-year licensing period (no more than 30 days total) and they never fill in for the provider for more than three days in a row.

Training in the nine mandated topics is available from the union.

Medical Statements

You, your assistants and your household members must all send medical statements with your renewal application. These must be signed by a physician within 12 months before the expiration date of your registration or license.


All group family day care homes coming due for renewal must be inspected. Your home may be inspected within one year of the expiration date of your registration or license. After the inspection, you will receive a letter that includes a deadline for correcting any violations.

New Employees, Volunteers, Substitutes, or Household Members

Any new employees, volunteers, or substitutes that you hired since you received your last registration or license must be fingerprinted. In addition, any new household members or household members who have turned age 18 must also be fingerprinted. New employees, volunteers, and substitutes must also complete and submit a Statewide Central Register (SCR) form. If there are any new household members or household members who have turned age 18 (who were not previously cleared by SCR since you received your last registration or license), you must also submit a new SCR form that includes these individuals.