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Your benefits as new members

As a UFT member, you have one of the best health-benefits packages anywhere.

At a time when many workers have no health benefits and higher costs are leading many employers to reduce existing benefits, the union has maintained the quality of benefits and even made improvements.

As a full-time member, you are entitled to:

  • A choice of health plans, which city unions jointly negotiate for their members. There is a health plan for every need, from free plans like HIP or basic GHI to a range of plans that that will fit your family’s needs. *If you are a new NYC employee at the beginning of your career, you must select the HIP HMO plan for your first 365 days of employment.
  • Supplemental benefits such as dental, optical, hearing and prescription drug coverage provided by the union through the UFT Welfare Fund.
  • Optional additional benefits through our state affiliate NYSUT.
  • Sick days are earned, one per month, after the 15th of each month. Together, these benefits represent savings to you worth thousands of dollars a year.
  • Your plan provides hospitalization and medical coverage for you, your spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children up to age 26.
  • Additionally, adult dependent children from ages 26 to 29 may be eligible to purchase coverage under New York State legislation.

Note: The Federation of Nurses/UFT have their own separate health benefits administered through their own health and welfare fund. Members in the Federation of Nurses UFT can get information by calling their fund administrator 1-212- 982-5547.