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Secure Your Future

Planning for retirement

The most common retirement date by far for UFT members is July 1 because it coincides with the end of the school year. If you’re planning a July 1 retirement, you should have already begun to prepare. Fortunately, the UFT has done much of the heavy lifting for members by developing tried-and-true steps you should take. 

3 reasons to love our pensions

As UFT members employed by the city Department of Education, it is important to understand the crucial role pension plans play in attracting and retaining talented educators and other school staff and ensuring financial security in retirement.

The importance of service credit

A key factor in calculating your retirement allowance under the Qualified Pension Plan (QPP) is your Total Service Credit. It helps to determine whether you’re eligible to retire and the amount you’ll receive when you do.  

TRS self-service website

The TRS website was built to enable members to manage their accounts on their own schedules, and TRS routinely adds features.

Five-year vesting

All TRS and BERS members are now considered vested after they have completed five years of service in the pension system. 

TDA contribution limits to increase in 2023

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that the maximum contribution people may make to their Tax-Deferred Annuity accounts will increase in 2023.