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Joseph Cummings

Joseph Cummings was a UFT member for more than 20 years, most recently teaching social studies and economics at Murry Bergtraum HS in Manhattan.

Patrice Jordan

Patrice Jordan was a UFT member for over 25 years, working as an English teacher at Morris Intermediate School in Staten Island from the early 1970s until her retirement in 1991.

Vivienne Koreto

Vivienne Koreto taught English at Julia Richman HS in Manhattan.

Dorothy Lowery

Dorothy Lowery worked as a paraprofessional, a school secretary and a teacher.

Rafaela Burgos

Rafaela Burgos began a 30-year career as a UFT member at PS 154 in the Bronx, eventually retiring from PS 41 in Staten Island.

Marsha Moed

Marsha Moed was a UFT member for 24 years, most recently as a principal’s secretary and office manager.

Suzanne Rettig

Suzanne Rettig was a UFT member for 10 years, most recently as a paraprofessional working in special education.

Florence Washington

Florence Washington was a UFT member for 30 years, most recently as a teacher’s assistant at IS 52 in the Bronx.

Jonathan Priess

Jonathan Priess was a social worker at Canarsie HS and Franklin K. Lane HS in Brooklyn and a UFT member for 20 years.

Barry Berk

Barry Berk was a UFT member for 37 years, beginning his career at Junior High School 54 in Manhattan and, after teaching at two other schools, reached retirement as a social studies teacher at the Bronx High School of Science.