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Suzanne Rettig

Suzanne Rettig was a UFT member for 10 years, most recently as a paraprofessional working in special education.

Jonathan Priess

Jonathan Priess was a social worker at Canarsie HS and Franklin K. Lane HS in Brooklyn and a UFT member for 20 years.

Barry Berk

Barry Berk was a UFT member for 37 years, beginning his career at Junior High School 54 in Manhattan and, after teaching at two other schools, reached retirement as a social studies teacher at the Bronx High School of Science.

Martin Plotkin

Martin Plotkin was a UFT member for nearly 50 years, most recently serving as the UFT's District 6 representative in Washington Heights.

Judith Rosenberg

Judith Rosenberg was a 1st-grade teacher at PS 207 in Howard Beach, Queens, for 22 years.

Marion Silton

Marion Silton was an educator for many years, most recently working as the acting assistant principal of administration and organization on an interim basis at John Bowne HS in Queens.

Beatrice Fierman

Beatrice Fierman was a social studies teacher at Frank D. Whalen MS 135, the Bronx.

Ira Wells

Ira Wells was a social studies teacher for many years until his retirement in 1981.

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh was a UFT member for 34 years, most recently teaching English literature at the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in Manhattan.

Marilyn Masierol

Marilyn Masierol was a dedicated teacher, UFT chapter leader and a published author with a career spanning over 30 years.