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Alice Blasso

Alice Blasso was a UFT member for 30 years and taught special education at PS 122 in Queens.

Anthony Pollice

Anthony Pollice, known to many as Frank, was a social studies teacher at JHS 115 and JHS 143 in Washington Heights for 34 years.

Jo Reaser

Jo Reaser was a UFT member for 19 years, most recently working as a special education teacher at PS 108 in Manhattan.

Donna Rubens

Donna Rubens began teaching at PS 63 in Manhattan in 1966, teaching K-3 classes there until she transferred to PS 235 in Brooklyn, where she taught pre-K until her retirement.

Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller began teaching in the early 1940s and taught kindergarten at PS 79 in Whitestone, Queens, from the beginning of the 1950s until her retirement in 1987.

Marilyn Froim

Marilyn Froim was a UFT member for 35 years, retiring as a home economics teacher from PS 225 in Brooklyn at the age of 54.

Caridad Gutierrez

Caridad Gutierrez was a UFT member for 30 years, most recently as a bilingual teacher at PS 1 in the Bronx.

Joseph Cummings

Joseph Cummings was a UFT member for more than 20 years, most recently teaching social studies and economics at Murry Bergtraum HS in Manhattan.

Patrice Jordan

Patrice Jordan was a UFT member for over 25 years, working as an English teacher at Morris Intermediate School in Staten Island from the early 1970s until her retirement in 1991.

Norman Pape

Norman Pape began teaching in 1962 at PS 99 in Manhattan and retired from Manhattan’s Academy of Environmental Science in 1996.