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Your well-being

Healing from burnout

Burnout is a real risk for professionals in the helping professions, which include UFT members in education and health care. If you feel dread at the prospect of going to work, you may be suffering from this condition.

Off to a good start

September’s hint of cooler weather brings the feeling of a new year and a fresh start.

Summer cool down

The seasons, like everything in life, are transient. Before summer passes, let it remind us to rest and be gentle with our bodies and minds.

Explore the unknown

There is nothing like travel to open the mind and expose you to new customs, cultures, beliefs, foods, art and attitudes.

Ready, set, recharge!

Educators and other professionals can benefit from taking time to reflect, release tension and recharge. Summer is a great time to slow down and reset, but don’t wait for summer for self-care!

Summertime fun

Whether you are traveling far from home or staying nearby, there are many delights to be had and many ways to enjoy the summer season.