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Your well-being

Love as a language

While we tend to think of romantic love around Valentine’s Day, there’s also love of family and friends, self-love, and love of learning, nature, beauty and more. 

planning for retirement

Your financial well-being

Because you are a UFT member, you are well on your way to long-term financial well-being. That’s because when you retire, you will have a defined-benefit pension, as rare today as it is valuable.

Women with hands covering face and a spiral of shapes indicating stress

Tackling burnout

Educators have stressful jobs with long hours and a range of challenges, and they may experience burnout as a result. Here are some signs of burnout and ways to address it.


Addiction and families

Addiction is often referred to as a “family disease” because it affects the entire family.

MAP gratitude

Developing a gratitude practice

Gratefulness is an awareness practice: a way of deepening and directing our attention. Research psychologists have found that people who have a sense of gratitude feel happier, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness and have stronger immune systems.

Image of brain with common mental health issues in words

Getting it all done

Anyone who works in a demanding setting knows that effective time management is a key to success. Here are some ways to set yourself up for a more productive and better year ahead.