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Your well-being

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Suicide prevention

Suicide can often be prevented with appropriate awareness and intervention. As educators, our awareness is particularly important. Stay vigilant for early warning signs and risk factors in students and colleagues so you can help. 


Addiction & recovery

A growing number of people have turned to alcohol and other substances to deal with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are dealing with addiction or recovery, the UFT Member Assistance Program can help.

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Healthy boundaries

It's important to set and maintain personal boundaries, or the limits and rules we set for ourselves in our relationships with others or with work, in order to keep relationships healthy. Here are some strategies to help you.

Embracing education informed by trauma

Helping students with trauma

The pandemic has been traumatic for everyone. That’s why the UFT successfully advocated for more social workers in schools and social-emotional screenings for all students at the end of October. Here are some other tips to achieve a compassionate classroom. 

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Handling your return

The best way to manage stress is to identify the causes of your stress and determine what is within your control and what is not.

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Let’s Talk About It

The union's Member Assistance Program has created a wellness workshop series, Let's Talk About It, led by a licensed clinician, for members to share their experiences and learn new coping and healing skills.

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Social media tips

Social media can be a positive or a negative force in your life, depending on how you use it. Scheduling social media time, sticking to your purpose and thinking twice before posting are some of the ways to help avoid the harmful consequences.

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Healthy habits

Healthy habits can be a way to maintain your own sense of control and well-being and keep your immune system strong in a world where many things seem out of control. Among the things to consider doing each day are taking a multivitamin, eating healthy food and making time for movement. 

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Dementia care during COVID-19

Caring for a loved one with dementia is challenging at any time, but even more so during the pandemic. Here are tips and resources to help. 

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Domestic violence and COVID-19

While working remotely can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, staying home is not a safe option for survivors of domestic violence. The first step when confronting domestic violence is to create a safety plan.