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Reflections in Poetry and Prose

Reading glasses on top of an old book, and a smart phone
Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Reflections in Poetry and Prose is a yearly collection of published writings from retirees enrolled in our UFTWF Retiree Programs creative writing courses and/or retired UFT members across the country.

Please follow the guidelines below (year-to-year):

  • All manuscripts must be a finished product that is typed (12 font), easily legible and double-spaced on 8½ x 11 paper.
  • The manuscripts must be e-mailed to
  • The manuscripts will only be accepted via email.

Each manuscript must contain the following information:

  2. Only THREE pieces may be submitted (maximum 750 words each).
  3. Please do NOT send duplicates.
  4. If you use a word, poem or expression in a foreign language, please include a translation or any accent marks.

If you have any questions, please contact Steven Goldberg at 212-598-9527 or by e-mail at

Reflections in poetry and prose 2023

Download the 2023 edition of Reflections in Poetry and Prose.