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Course catalog terms & conditions

  • Descriptions of all courses have been provided by the collaborating colleges and universities. Any problems, issues or concerns regarding this information or your academic status must be addressed there, and not to the UFT. The UFT does not grant credit; only the collaborating colleges and universities can do so.
  • New York State has approved all the graduate and undergraduate courses listed in this catalog, but not every course will satisfy every specific requirement. For additional information on how to satisfy coursework requirements, you can visit the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives’ website.
  • Please note that all courses, locations, dates, times and tuitions may change without notice. The UFT strives to offer the most current information available by each catalog’s publication, but cannot be held responsible for any later changes.
  • Course schedules and offerings are subject to cancellation, based on registration.
  • All registration fees are not refundable unless the UFT Course Program cancels the course.