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About UFT Courses/Workshops

UFT Educational Programs lead the way

When it comes to expanding the knowledge and skills of UFT members, no one does it better than the UFT’s Educational Programs. They include:

The NYSUT/Education and Learning Trust and the UFT Course Program offer a wide variety of no-nonsense, hands-on, credit-bearing courses taught by savvy classroom teachers at sites citywide. These courses can be used to meet state certification, to achieve salary differentials, or to enhance professional growth.

The UFT Teacher Center has school-based consultants who provide day-to-day professional support in schools throughout the city. Through local resource centers full of instructional materials, they work with individual UFT members as well as with programs and entire schools, providing workshops, planning sessions, coaching and other support activities.

New York State requires all teachers who are seeking initial state certification to take workshops on these areas: recognizing the signs of child abuse and learning how to report it; working with autistic children; dignity for all students; and, preventing violence in schools.

Knowing how tough it can be getting through a day in our schools, the union’s Stress Management Workshops provide several courses for members (spring and fall semesters only).

Finally, the union worked long and hard with the Department of Education to create the Partners in Progress: Peer Intervention Program through a section in our contract. PIP helps tenured, appointed teachers improve their classroom skills with confidential, one-on-one assistance in participants’ own schools. Admission is by application only.