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Si Beagle Learning Centers

Si Beagle Learning Centers offer a wide array of courses, day trips and seminars at locations within the tri-state metro area and Florida. Our centers provide life-long learning opportunities for retirees to nurture their talents and explore new ones. To learn more about the Si Beagle program, see our most recent program below. 

The legacy of Si Beagle

Si Beagle

Si Beagle

Si Beagle was an extraordinary man. He began his teacher career in the New York City public school system in 1925 and helped build this great union.

When he retired in the late 1960’s, he felt that it was the union’s responsibility to provide educational programs for all retired members. With Al Shanker’s support, he initiated the RTC Learning Center.

Today 58,000 retired teachers are members of the United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund Retiree Programs.

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