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MindUP is an evidence-based preventative mental health program grounded in neuroscience, mindful awareness, positive psychology, and social and emotional learning. Tailored for pre-K through grade eight students, MindUP equips students and adults with essential skills that foster improved focus, self-regulation, resilience, optimism, and joy. 

MindUP, in partnership with the UFT, has significantly impacted over 120 schools and has reached over 6,000 educators across all five boroughs to date. 

Centralized and school-based professional learning opportunities are provided in partnership with the UFT to support all levels of learning and teaching MindUP. In-person and virtual workshops for families and caregivers equip the school community with resources and skills to support children's mental well-being outside the classroom. MindUP provides curriculum and licenses for our online interactive platform, which offers digital resources and supplementary materials. 

If you would like to see MindUP at your school, talk to your chapter leader and your principal, and then send an email to to learn more.

About MindUp

MindUP program materials and efficacy research are reviewed and accredited by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as a CASEL SELect Program. This designation indicates that the program is evidence-based, well-designed, and classroom-based and systematically promotes students’ social and emotional competence, provides practice opportunities, offers multi-year programming, and delivers high-quality training and other implementation support. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the "CDC: Adolescent and School Health" guidelines, emphasizing the paramount importance of nurturing the mental well-being of students and educators. MindUP is one of only three programs to receive noteworthy recognition in this report, highlighted as a leading mindfulness initiative. 

See MindUp's website to learn more about their program. 

What's New

MindUP professional learning with Goldie Hawn

The 160 teachers and paraprofessionals who gathered for a day of professional learning on MindUP heard from the organization's founder, Goldie Hawn.

MindUp for Music 2023

A roomful of teachers breathes in rhythm, eyes closed, to the sound of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 - one of many music-based mindfulness techniques learned in a MindUp for Music workshop at UFT headquarters on May 16.

Building ‘calm and focus’

About 60 schools this year joined the UFT’s pilot partnership with MindUp, an evidence-based social-emotional learning program conceived by the Goldie Hawn Foundation to support educators' and students' mental health.