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MAP support groups

MAP offers various free support groups for UFT members in which members can come together to share their experiences, stories and tips and find comfort with each other. You don’t have to struggle alone; others may be dealing with a similar situation. Our support groups run throughout the school year and are held in a confidential space. 

Current offerings

MAP grief loss icon

Grief & Loss

Our bereavement and counseling group can support you as you adjust to a loss. Our support group is a safe space for members to come together and support each other during this difficult time.

MAP icon 2022

Building Better Habits

When we’re feeling stressed out, it’s easy to lose sight of our goals and turn to unhelpful behaviors to cope. Join your colleagues in a virtual wellness support group to learn ways to understand what’s holding you back from building better habits and establish a plan to keep you on track towards achieving your goals.

MAP icon taming the volcano

Managing Anger

While anger is a natural emotion, if left unresolved, it can feel like a volcano erupting inside you and can lead to alienation from friends, colleagues and loved ones.

MAP icon navigating waves

Developing Personal Resilience

Encountering ups and downs is part of the human experience. In this interactive, online support group, we will focus on our strengths and learn how to apply them to challenges in ways that build personal resilience.