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Chapter News

UFT functional chapters

Functional chapters are so named because what unites these student-support professionals is their function rather than a worksite or a school. The chapters were formed to allow these UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice.

Testimony regarding a proposal to amend rules of practice for the conduct of remote proceedings

UFT Hearing Officers (Per Session) Chapter Leader Tony Feldmesser testified before the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings regarding a proposal to amend the rules of practice for the conduct of remote proceedings.

Update on OATH's return-to-work plan

During the past two weeks, I have heard from many of you about our shared concerns regarding when the city Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings will resume operations and what the office conditions will be like when we return. Read OATH's April 22 response to the UFT's demand to bargain and the UFT's May 2 response to OATH.

UFT demands bargaining over OATH return-to-work date for hearing officers (per session)

Last week, many of us were surprised to learn that the city's Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings set a tentative reopening date of Monday, May 4. While we all want to return to work, we have some trepidation about the inherent hazards at our worksites prior to the office closures. In response to our concerns, and in the absence of concrete information as to what protective measures may be under consideration, on April 15 the UFT filed a demand to bargain, citing the “impact on the health and safety of our members.”

Hearing Officers Chapter election results

On March 3, the ballots were counted in the special chapter election to create five new borough coordinator positions for the Hearing Officers Chapter. By an overwhelming majority, 97 percent of those who voted approved the new positions. Members will receive more information about the job duties and nomination process in the near future.

Hearing Officers (per session) Chapter meeting: Feb. 3, 2020

Read the notes from our Feb. 3 chapter meeting. We updated members on issues affecting our chapter and the union as a whole.