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Expecting? Learn about parental leave

Are you a Department of Education-employed UFT member who is preparing to welcome a new child into your life? You can attend a virtual UFT Pathways to Parenthood workshop to learn about your parental leave benefits.

Catastrophic major medical insurance open enrollment

Whatever your age or the type of medical insurance you have, you can be left with extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses if you have a serious medical issue or require convalescent, custodial or home health care.

Here’s how to vote in Election 2020

It’s election season, and the UFT has all the information you need to make sure your voice is heard.

Union members get free legal plan

There is now another reason it pays to be a UFT member. The union has negotiated a free legal service plan for members only. The program gives UFT members access to an attorney who can answer legal questions, write letters on their behalf, review documents and prepare a will.

UFT members can deduct union dues from state taxes

Thanks to UFT lobbying, employees can deduct the cost of their union dues from their state income taxes, although they can no longer deduct that expense on their federal tax returns.

New option for getting maintenance drugs

The UFT Welfare Fund prescription drug benefit has been enhanced. In-service members who are eligible for UFT Welfare Fund benefits now have a new convenient option for picking up their long-term medications for chronic conditions such as high cholesterol or asthma.

High school seniors may apply for Shanker scholarships

Do you work in a high school? Make sure high school seniors in your school apply for a $5,000 Albert Shanker college scholarship.

Teacher’s Choice spending deadline

The deadline for spending Teacher’s Choice funds is Jan. 12, 2020. You should submit your receipts for purchases made between Aug. 1, 2019, and Jan. 12, 2020, along with the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form detailing your purchases, by Jan. 17, 2020, to your payroll secretary.