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Self-treated days

If you are a teacher or other appointed pedagogue and are absent from school because of illness, you will be paid for up to 10 days in any school year without submitting a doctor’s note. These are known as “self-treated days.” If you take more than 10 self-treated days in any school year, you will not be paid for the additional absences unless you submit a doctor’s note – even if you have accumulated days in your Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR), commonly referred to as your sick bank. Whenever possible, you should submit medical certification for each day you are absent to preserve as many of your self-treated days as possible.

Here are some more important things to know about self-treated days:

  • You can use three of your 10 days for personal business, provided that you give reasonable notice to your principal. Personal business is officially defined as something that cannot be done at any time other than a school day, during school hours. All three personal business days may be used to care for family members who are ill.
  • Aside from these three personal business days, your self-treated days may only be taken for illness or disability. If you have exhausted all the days in your CAR and you are regularly appointed, you may borrow up to 20 additional sick leave days. You must submit a request to borrow additional days in writing to your principal. It is important that you call your school and notify the principal each day that you will be absent. After ten self-treated sick days, whether they are borrowed or not, you will need a doctor's note.
  • If your supervisor suspects that you are abusing the sick leave provisions in the contract -- for example, absences are always on Mondays or Fridays or before holidays, s/he may investigate investigate.

Other absences

You are entitled to take one day each school year for an annual physical exam or for annual laboratory tests. This absence is deducted from your sick bank (CAR).

Absences due to Hepatitis B as a result of working with children, or to an allergic reaction from a DOE-mandated skin test, will not be deducted from your CAR, provided you submit appropriate medical documentation.

Other absences that are not deducted from your CAR include those used if you contract German measles, mumps or chicken pox from a student; for the death of an immediate family member or to appear in court as a juror or witness. These are considered "non-attendance" days. Your chapter leader can advise you about which forms to file for these absences.

You can request up to 4 hours of paid time off annually to get screened for breast or prostate cancer, and up to 3 hours of unpaid time off annually to donate blood. The request should be made in advance and in writing to your principal. It will be granted if it is determined that it will not be a major disruption to the school.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am applying for a sabbatical for the spring semester of 2020. When can I expect to receive a decision?

    The final date for the Superintendent's decision for the Spring 2020 semester is 12/4/19. To apply for a sabbatical, you must use the SOLAS online form, which can be found here: For more information about sabbatical leaves, go to the UFT website at:

    How can I find out more about the different options for parental/maternity leave?

    Attend a "Pathways to Parenthood" workshop given by the UFT. Dates are held throughout the year at all 5 UFT borough offices. These sessions give participants the information they need about maternity leave, paid parental leave, and health insurance matters. Participants will also be guided through the process of using the DOE's SOLAS online system used to apply for a leave. Note: these workshops are not only for women or those currently expecting a baby. To see the current dates and to register, visit the borough office closest to you:

    Staten Island

    How do I request time off on Election Day so I can vote?

    Under the New York State Election Law, an employee must be allowed on Election Day, without loss of pay, for up to three hours, to take off so much working time as will enable the employee to vote at an election. 

    If an employee requires time off to vote, the employee must notify his/her administrator by completing a Voting Leave Request form no less than two working days before the day of the election, setting forth the amount of time they require to vote.

    An employee's assertion that they are registered to vote and reside in a district having an election shall be sufficient in most cases, however, a supervisor may also request confirmation from an employee. 

    Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the employee shall be allowed time off only at the beginning or end of his or her working shift. Any time taken off that exceeds three hours must be charged to CAR/personal business days. 

    How may I use my CAR/sick days?

    CAR days can be used for an employee’s personal medical condition; 3 of the 10 self- treated sick days each year can be used for personal business or to care for a sick family member.

    How can I find out how many days are left in my CAR/sick day bank?

    See your payroll secretary in your school, who can advise you as to how many days you have remaining in your sick bank. Your paycheck/pay stub also contains that information, which can be found on the DOE payroll portal (


    Further guidance on Absences

    Know Your Rights definitions for:

    Absence forms

    • CAR Transfer Form & Rules
      All pedagogues may use this form to donate sick time to a colleague. The recipient receives one day for every two days donated. Pedagogues may only donate sick days to a colleague suffering from a catastrophic illness. Sick leave transfer rules are on page 2 of the form.
    • OP 44: Application for Termination Pay for Pedagogues
      Upon resignation, termination or retirement, pedagogues and paraprofessionals may be granted half of their sick leave balance (up to 100 days) at the rate of 1/200th of their annual salary. Pedagogues must fill out this form online, download it, print it and get it signed by the principal and then mail or hand-deliver (strongly suggested) it to the DOE. The DOE does not accept faxes. Paraprofessionals do not need to fill out this form. However, in order to collect termination pay, they must be members of the Teachers' Retirement System.
    • OP 175W: Request for Waiver of Restriction on Per Session Employment
      The appropriate Per Session Supervisor must sign and submit this form to request a waiver of the restrictions on per session employment, in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-175. Per session employment may not exceed 400 hours (with a maximum of 270 hours in a school psychologist and/or school social worker (SP/ SW) position) in a per session year unless prior approval is received from the Division of Human Resources.
    • OP 198: Application for Excuse of Absence for Personal Illness (Sick Leave)
      This form is used by all pedagogues to apply for medical certification for absence up to 20 consecutive school days, for requests to borrow sick days, for excuse of absence due to children’s diseases, and for injury in the line of duty claims. Rules and instructions are on page 2 of the form.
    • OP 201: Application for Excuse of Absence Without Pay and/or as Non-Attendance
      All pedagogues use this form to request time off with pay and no loss of CAR time for the circumstances listed on page 2 (death in the family, jury duty, graduation, religious observance, etc.). OP 201 is also used to request a day off without pay in certain circumstances.
    • OP 221: Application for Attending a Convention or Conference Outside NYC
      All pedagogues, paraprofessionals and administrative staff use this form to request approval for time off for a meeting or conference either with pay as non-attendance and no loss of CAR time, or without pay.
    • OP 407: Confidential Medical Report and Medical Evaluation
      All pedagogues, paraprofessionals and administrative staff are required to submit an OP 407 when applying for sabbatical leaves, for restoration of health leaves, for sick leaves over 20 consecutive school days and for alleged line of duty injuries. To maintain confidentiality, this form may be submitted directly to the Medical Bureau in place of a doctor’s statement on an OP 198 form.
    • PD 6: Application for Leave of Absence for Health Reasons
      Administrative staff may apply for a medical leave of absence without pay only when they have exhausted all sick leave and/or annual leave days. This application must be completed, signed and submitted to HR Connect for approval. Documentation and/or statement of particulars must be submitted with the form.
    • Application to Use Earned Annual/Sick Leave or Report Non-Chargeable Absence
      All UFT members may use this form to report any kind of absence (e.g. sick day, personal day, meeting attendance, etc.).
    • Application for Borrowing Sick Days for UFT Paraprofessionals
      Paras may use this form to borrow up to 10 days per year to cover serious personal illness.
    • PD 19: Application for Excuse of Absence with Pay for Administrative Employees
      Administrative employees and paraprofessionals should use this form to apply for a paid excused absence in one of the accepted circumstances for excused absence (e.g. death in the family, jury duty, workers' compensation, etc.).

    DOE documents regarding absences