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Chapter Leader Shoutout

Trevor Stokes

Trevor Stokes, Midwood HS, Brooklyn

Midwood HS Chapter Leader Trevor Stokes used the leverage of the union’s operational issues complaint process to make sure every classroom and office at his school has an air purifier.

Portrait of a bearded brunette man smiling

Kudos to Thomas Rosa, PS 751, Manhattan

It’s essential for parents of children with disabilities to understand the process of obtaining an Individualized Education Program that meets their child’s needs. That’s why Thomas Rosa, the chapter leader at PS 751, the Manhattan School for Career Development, a District 75 school in the East Village, came up with the idea of a virtual resource fair.

Gloria Castillo

Kudos to Gloria Castillo, PS 11, Manhattan

When PS 11 Chapter Leader Gloria Castillo began to think about retirement, she also began to plan for a seamless transition in union leadership at her Chelsea school.

Sandra Leiser

Kudos to Sandra Leiser, PS 44, the Bronx

Sandra Leiser, the chapter leader at PS 44 in the Bronx, won compensation for her staff after an operational issues dispute with the principal, who arbitrarily shortened the staff lunch period at the start of the school year.

Heather Fefferman and Dana Botwinick

Kudos to Heather Fefferman and Dana Botwinick, PS 21, Queens

Co-chapter leaders at PS 21 in Flushing, Queens, are being recognized for lifting the spirits of their colleagues during the pandemic by leaving positive messages and small gifts on their desks and around the school, organizing online exercise classes for remote staff and arranging small celebrations.

Ray Ferrigno

Kudos to Ray Ferrigno, Staten Island Technical HS

The chapter leader at Staten Island Tech spearheaded the development of a programming school-based option (SBO) for this school year that addressed the needs of the school community at his specialized high school. 

Young bearded man standing and smiling wearing a cream sweater with greek letters.

Kudos to Marquis Harrison, Frederick Douglass Academy, Manhattan

Chapter Leader Marquis Harrison of Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, stepped up during COVID-19 to take on new duties as a safety inspector, a counselor, an advocate and an expert on new work rules.

Patrick Coughlin

Kudos to Patrick Coughlin, IS 27, Staten Island

Chapter Leader Patrick Coughlin has allayed the fears and met the escalating needs of his members at IS 27 on Staten Island by providing solid, up-to-date information to them on a regular basis during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thomas Pascarella

Kudos to Thomas Pascarella, PS 48, Brooklyn

PS 48 in Brooklyn praises chapter leader for getting entire school online for distance learning.

Matthew Foglino headshot

Kudos to Matthew Foglino, Wings Academy HS, the Bronx

Wings Academy HS Chapter Leader Matthew Foglino's adept use of the operational issues process not only addressed a paperwork problem for his members but also solved it for hundreds of other teachers at a dozen or more Bronx high schools who were facing the same issue.