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RTC Chapter Leader Column

Tom Murphy

Protect benefits with your vote

The most labor-friendly President and Congress ever are facing tough mid-term elections. We should help our friends.

Tom Murphy

In unity, transformed

As we measure our own behavior, we are apt to see patterns and motivations. We also see that the role of the human individual is intertwined with others. Sociologists call it group dynamics. In the labor movement, we call it solidarity.

Tom Murphy

Gauging your trust in us

Elections can be valuable measurements of the trust that rank-and-file union members have in the leaders they choose.

Tom Murphy

Edging back to ‘normal’

The new New York City Medicare Advantage Plus Plan brought challenges, but a court decision led Michael Mulgrew to demand that the city pause implementation of the plan. This pause means we can exhale over the next few months, and edge back to our daily “normal” lives.

Tom Murphy

Importance of words

So much information about this new New York City Medicare Advantage Plus Plan has by now been disseminated through meetings, webinars, town halls, email and regular mail that I hope members have evolved in their views. 

Tom Murphy

Reviewing 2021

This year, the new New York City Medicare Advantage Plus Plan conspired to pull us apart. But the unity of spirit of UFT retirees is stronger than any such stresses.