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New Teacher Diaries

Success depends on community

That success depends on your community is something I only truly understood after my first year of teaching. When I was a para, I was committed to supporting my students and my teachers. When I first became a teacher, I forgot that I needed to ask for support as well as offer it.

Connecting with students’ values boosts learning

When we as teachers take the time to get to know our students' needs, interests and values, we create a learning environment that is more meaningful and relevant to their lives.

3rd year is the charm

After a rough start to a teaching career during the pandemic, a thrid-year educator is happy to have stuck it out and stayed in the profession.

The calm after the storm

Just like the students, teachers and schools needed last year to transition back to business as usual, though perhaps with a new definition of usual. Already I can recognize and appreciate the changes my administration has made to address problems that were exposed in the last year.

Learning the ‘essence of grit’

The past two years have been filled with unique and challenging experiences that taught me the essence of grit. I have come to realize that slow progress is still progress.

With instruction, quality outweighs quantity

I can honestly say that when I shifted my goal from “How much can I get done in a day?” to “What are the best ways I can teach my students today?” I began to feel more comfortable and confident in my classroom, says a third-year special education teacher in the Bronx.