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Amending the IEP Without a Meeting

Amendments to an IEP after the annual review may be made by the IEP team at an IEP team meeting, or by amending the IEP without an IEP team meeting.

The circumstances in which an IEP may be changed without a meeting are limited. An IEP may not be changed without a meeting for:

  • Changes to the IEP that require the participation of the school psychologist on the IEP Team;
  • Changes to the student’s program recommendation

The request to amend may be initiated by the school/CSE or the parent. In either case, no amendment to the IEP may be made without a meeting unless the parent provides written consent to the amendment.

Before an IEP can be amended without an IEP team meeting, the IEP team must clearly and specifically describe all proposed changes on the Waiver of IEP Meeting to Amend IEP Form in language that is understandable to the parent and send the form to the parent. Additionally, the IEP team designee must discuss with the parent any and all changes that are being considered to ensure that the parent understands the proposed changes in full.

If the parent does not understand the proposed changes, does not agree to the proposed changes, or does not respond to the request to make the changes, the changes cannot be made without an IEP team meeting. If the parent agrees to the changes and returns the signed Waiver of IEP Meeting to Amend IEP, the team may make the changes to the IEP. A copy of the amended IEP and the PWN: Recommendation must be sent to the parent within 10 business days. All relevant teachers, related service providers and administrators must be notified of the changes made to the IEP and informed of any new implementation responsibilities. An amendment to the IEP without a meeting does not change the date of the next annual review.