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Math Teachers Executive Board

Main Contact number: 212-598-7772

  • Roberta M. Eisenberg
    President / Chairperson
  • Helen Rodney
    HS Vice Chairperson
  • Sharada Greene
    MS/IS/JHS Vice Chairperson
  • Maria Scognamiglio-Higuera
    Elementary Vice Chairperson
  • Lidia Gonzalez
  • Philip S. Rosen
    NCTM Representative
  • Tracy Neilly-Erike
  • Joneil James
    Newsletter Editor
  • Tommye A. Rios
    NCTM to Community Relations Representative
  • Alise Braick
    Technology Vice Chairperson 
  • Nicholas Weber
    Special Education Vice Chairperson

Board Members at Large 

  • Deidre Raver 
  • Esther Simons-Koppel
  • Abraham Weintraub 
  • Niqueta White