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UFT borough offices

The UFT has an office in each borough staffed by specially trained consultants who can answer members’ questions about salary, certification and licensing, health coverage and other benefits, educational requirements, safety, pension and much more.

Each office is staffed by a borough representative, a district representative (DR, for short) for every community school district, a high school representative and several special representatives.

The borough representative coordinates each borough’s activities. Part of the borough rep’s job is to act as the union’s chief political representative in the borough, lobbying elected officials and other decision-makers on behalf of the public schools.

The other UFT reps handle problems or grievances that cannot be settled at the school level and address matters of districtwide significance.

Visit your borough office page

Outside of UFT Bronx borough office


2500 Halsey St.

Outside of UFT Brooklyn borough office


335 Adams St.

UFT welcome center


52 Broadway

UFT Queens borough office


97-77 Queens Blvd.

Outside of UFT Staten Island borough office building

Staten Island

4456 Amboy Rd.