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For your records: Documents you should keep


Many of your records, including observation reports and details about your Measures of Student Learning, can be found on your Advance Web Application page. Be sure to print or electronically save these pages as they may become unavailable after the end of the school year. Teachers should ensure data in all applicable systems (Web App, STARS, Schoolnet) are accurate.

  • Observation reports
    Your evaluator must provide you with a copy of the report on your informal observations within 30 school days of the observation. Keep a copy of this report.
  • Class lists
    Keep a copy of the names of students in your classes at the beginning of the year. Update the list in STARS as the students in your classes change, and make note of the dates of changes.
  • Measures of Student Learning
    Keep records of any baseline assessments and, if you are using goal-setting at your school, any growth targets. Be sure to print and download pertinent records from your page on the Advance intranet.
  • Requests for assistance
    Keep records of your requests to your evaluator for professional development, materials or other forms of assistance or concerns, and the response to those requests.

Other: If you are concerned you will receive a final overall rating of Developing or Ineffective rating for a reason other than job performance, keep an objective log of events that can support your claim if you have to appeal a rating. If you receive a Developing or Ineffective rating, notify your UFT chapter leader or UFT district representative and provide them with your log.