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Therapeutic reunion

Therapeutic reunion

More than 30 years ago, Antoinette Messina, now retired, taught an immigrant boy to speak English. In a simple twist of fate, that boy, who grew up to be a physical therapist, today is teaching Messina to walk again.

Ready for remote

Ready for remote

As COVID-19 ravaged New York City and forced schools to shut down, Brian Nagy enjoyed a unique position. He was ready for remote.

UFT delegate Teresa Fabbella (left) and Chapter Leader Annemarie Summa Barbarino sit in the school’s garden, where raspberries (inset) are among the edible plants that grow.

Net-zero energy

Students learn how to combat climate change at eco-friendly, solar energy-powered school on Staten Island that has become a model for the Carbon Free and Healthy Schools campaign.

Jon Carrai, a history teacher at IS 187 in Brooklyn, examines the symbols on ancient Roman coins with two of his 6th-graders.

Holding history in their hands

This Brooklyn teacher uses immersive, engaging lessons and storytelling techniques to bring the past to life for his middle school students.

Students wearing using paintbrush pens

The magic of art

School social worker Maureen Eigenfeld has made art the cornerstone of her therapeutic work with students at the Bronx Writing Academy, a United Community School in Concourse Village.

Retirees step up for the hungry 2

Retirees step up for the hungry

More than 10,500 meals have been delivered from school cafeterias to neighborhood food pantries through a new UFT member-initiated School Meals 2 Pantries program on the Upper West Side.

Getting joy from helping others

Getting joy from helping others

"We know the pandemic did not affect all of us equally," said teacher Jamel Holmes, and he does what he can to ameliorate that at the East Bronx Academy for the Future. An Excellence in Education Award winner, Holmes delivers care packages to the families of former and current students, everything from food to hygiene products to laundry detergent to books. 

Community schools initiative launched

June 20, 2012: Community schools initiative launched

The UFT's community schools initiative, which now serves more than 20,000 students in 32 schools, launched on June 20, 2012, when it received financial support from the union and the City Council to begin with six schools that September.

Bringing home art 2

Bringing home art

Art teacher Yolanda Lyn considers art a means to emotional well-being. Teaching remotely has challenged her to create lessons that will help all her students at PS 194 in Harlem continue to feel connected to their classmates and to the world.

Teacher Victoriane Liz leads a discussion about budgeting with students during the advisory period.

Advisory powers

When middle school buildings reopened in March, the staff at IS 238/the Susan B. Anthony Academy in Hollis, Queens, wanted to make sure students were OK — not just academically, but emotionally, too.