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Feature Stories

Mentoring boys of color

Kappa League, a program that offers Black and Latino high school boys a chance to develop leadership skills while preparing for college, now has a small but growing presence in New York City public schools thanks to the efforts of two UFT members. 

‘An intolerable burden’

The UFT is fighting to preserve the "unicorn" status of premium-free health care for New York City public school educators, even as most public and private sector employees have to pay hefty premiums.

Turning a page at Queens school

The library at Bard Early College in Long Island City, Queens, is getting a makeover to make it more accessible for students with disabilities, thanks to a partnership between Jessica deCourcy Hinds, the school’s library director, and students in the school’s Abled-Disabled Alliance.

Rebel with a cause

Billy Green, a chemistry teacher at A. Philip Randolph HS in Harlem, has been named the 2023 New York State Teacher of the Year by the State Education Department.

A rainbow of possibilities

Members of the school community at PS 18 in the South Bronx have transformed a brick wall into a mural reflecting the diversity and values that make the UFT United Community School and its neighborhood a vibrant community.

Supporting migrant students

Public school educators across the city have stepped up to address the educational, socio-emotional and economic needs of the 6,000 migrant students, shipped from Texas, who have arrived in city schools this fall.