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About Family Child Care Providers

Providers begin contract negotiations

We are the thousands of family child care providers in New York City who have decided to fight back. After two years of struggle, we voted in October 2007 to join the United Federation of Teachers, the largest education union in the city. In May 2009, we won an important market rate victory. And since then, we've had a number of successes including negotiating for and winning state grants for professional development and education supplies for our children.

In one school year alone, we attended 450 professional development sessions around the city including classes in early childhood education, child safety and CPR. Our goal is to ensure our family child care providers provide a quality environment for the city's children, one that prepares them for a successful journey through school and life.

Our contract includes several improvements to our former working conditions including a new standard for determining our rate of pay and the protections afforded by an established grievance procedure.

We can do more with your help! Join us and together we'll make the UFT even stronger.

Call 212-598-9288 to find out how!