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Checklist of materials needed to appeal a rating of Ineffective

To file an appeal, you will need any materials associated with your APPR rating. These include:

1. Copy of your Teacher Evaluation Selection Form on which you chose your observation option

2. If you chose option 1:

  • Your form should indicate whether your initial planning conference served as your pre-observation meeting
  • Submit any notes from your pre-observation conference
  • Submit copies of any forms you were requested to submit prior to or at your pre-observation conference

3. If any of your observations was videotaped, a copy of the video

4. Copies of any APPR complaint forms filed on your behalf, with each form noting how the complaint was resolved.

5. Copies of all of your observation reports, including:

  • Copies of any responses or rebuttals you made to any observation reports
  • Any written feedback on observations including feedback given in emails
  • Any documentation or notes you have on verbal feedback you received on observations

6. If at any point in the year you requested from your supervisor or administration either assistance, materials or professional development, you will need:

  • Copies of any written requests you made for assistance, materials or professional development
  • Any notes you have about the requests you made
  • Any documentation you may have on the responses to these requests

7. Your class lists and, if you have them, any letters regarding exceptions made for oversize classes

8. Any notes you have from your summative conference including on what was discussed and feedback you received in the conference

9. Copy of your rating sheet

10. Documents related to your Measures of Student Learning:

  • A list of your learning measures
  • Results of learning measures
  • Any forms associated with goal- or target-setting, if your school used this process instead of growth models

11. If you have reason to believe you may be rated Ineffective for any reason other than your job performance, you should prepare:

  • A brief explanation of why you believe the Ineffective rating is not based on job performance
  • A log of events or conversations that occurred which support your explanation
  • Prior two years' observations, if satisfactory or mostly effective
  • The names of the chapter leader or district representative with whom you have discussed any of the issues that you believe are the reason for the Ineffective rating