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Spill control kits

Spill control kits are only to be used for small spills. If you do not have the materials or equipment do not attempt cleanup and follow procedures that your school has in place.

  • Bucket of sand to contain a spill (available from hardware store or from your custodian). Remember sand is a poor absorbent.
  • Bucket of plain kitty litter (absorbent), available at a grocery store.
  • Bucket of vermiculite (absorbent). Be sure it is asbestos-free.
  • Bucket of sodium carbonate (Na2C03) for neutralizing an acid spill.
  • Vinegar to neutralize alkaline spills.
  • Acid or base absorbent pillows, booms or pads (available from your science supplier).
  • Mercury spill kits are NOT to be used. Follow DOE procedures for mercury spills.
  • Plastic broom, dust pan, plastic bags.
  • Paper towels, news papers, old rags.
  • An over pack container with a lid. This would be a container in which you place the neutralized materials for the custodian to remove.
  • A marker for labeling waste.
  • Gloves, apron, face shield and any other personal protective equipment that may be required.
  • Keep your school safety plan easily accessible in case of emergencies.

Use these instructions to assemble a spill control kit