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A note about IRMAA:

As OLR is working remotely due to the pandemic, they were unable to process IRMAA submissions mailed to the office. The 2019 IRMAA was based on the same level as your 2018 IRMAA. As a result, some may not have received the correct reimbursement. OLR will recalculate and reimburse the difference at a later date.

Please re-submit the 2019 IRMAA submission to

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, Chapter Leader for Retired Teachers Chapter

Dear Retiree,

Welcome to the Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) section of the UFT website. These are difficult days as we all attempt to navigate our lives through an unchartered national emergency due to the Coronavirus. At this writing, none of us knows how long it will last but the severity of the crisis is well known to each of us. I hope that you and your family and friends can endure this unprecedented health emergency. The UFT/RTC can offer assistance in these times of need. The e-mail messages we sent to all retirees are posted here with links and telephone numbers and resources that we hope you can find useful.

All activities such as General Membership meetings, courses, trips, the Day at the University and our annual RTC Luncheon which was scheduled for June 5th at the Hilton are all cancelled or postponed in the interest of safety.

We have launched a project to call as many of our RTC members as we can reach in the greater New York area and around the country to see how you are doing. With 70,000 RTC members, it will take a while but we are here to help. We want to make a personal connection to see how you are faring and if you need any help.

Websites such as this one and all of the UFT social media communications become even more important during this time of social distancing.

This is our 60th Anniversary as a union. We have much to remember, celebrate and build upon: 60 Years Proud/60 Years Going Forward.

When there is once more a time of some normality, we will  join together again in all the activities and comradery  we've built up over the years. Please stay safe and stay connected. The union is here for you.

In Solidarity,

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy
Chapter Leader

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What's New

Zooming in on courses

As part of a 12-class Si Beagle schedule put together for Westchester Section retirees, members are creating historic records of the pandemic of 2020 in the COVID Metamorphosis Class, writing memoirs of life as we are living it today.

Returning to his farming roots

Joseph Lukose, a school social worker in Queens for 32 years, went back to his roots in retirement. A native of India, he is now a hobby farmer in south Florida, planting and nurturing the tropical fruit trees that surrounded him in his youth.

Retiree lump-sum payments

Members who retired after June 30, 2014, are eligible for the first half of their final lump-sum payment in November.

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