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Informal (legally-exempt) Provider Rights

Informal (legally-exempt) providers have a series of new rights under the new contract. Highlights include:

  • In the process of negotiations, the state required that the city finally pay the enhanced market rate to informal (legally-exempt) providers who have taken the required training, which the union offers. This means you could earn as much as $468 more per year if you care for one child and as much as $936 more per year if you care for two children.
  • Informal (legally-exempt) providers are now eligible for quality grants, provided that they have worked as providers for at least one year and have met certain professional development requirements.
  • Informal (legally-exempt) providers must now be given a written report from WHEDco inspectors indicating any problems or changes the provider must make.
  • The enrollment process for informal (legally-exempt) providers has been streamlined.