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ICT service delivery

Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) may be provided for all subjects or on an individual subject basis.  When ICT is recommended for less than the full school day, the student’s IEP must indicate the specific subjects or instructional areas in which the student requires Integrated Co-Teaching services. 

The DOE’s method of funding ICT services introduced confusion in the field about the meaning of "full time" ICT services. Students are considered full time for funding purposes if they receive ICT for 60% of the school day. However, the fact that they have reached the 60% threshold does not preclude them from receiving ICT (or another special education program) in other subject areas, i.e., art, music, physical education, cluster and special subjects, based on their individual needs. ICT services can and should be recommended for non-"core" subjects any time a student needs the service to succeed in that subject.

Students can also receive supplementary aids and services, including special education teacher support services, or special class services for the periods they are not in an ICT class. When SETSS is provided in addition to special class services, the three-fhour minimum for SETSS services still applies.