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News for Teachers Assigned

Work of Teachers Assigned for the April 9-17 period and other updates

As teachers assigned, you provide invaluable support to classroom teachers and serve as partners with leaders via instructional coaching. This work affects teacher capacity and student achievement. We are a diverse entity that touches the lives of many, including families of students with disabilities. I know firsthand how our current situation has caused added anxiety around our work.

Teachers Assigned Chapter Update - June 2017

This Chapter Update includes information about our peer validators meeting, returning to school-based positions, parking permits and the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Teachers Assigned Chapter website.

FAQ on assignment procedures

Information about frequently asked questions on assignment procedures for teachers assigned.

Guidelines for letters in your file

Information regarding guidelines you should follow if you receive a letter in your file.

Reminder to review job postings

Important information about reviewing vacancy circulars and job postings for teachers assigned.

DOE speech evaluation position

A teacher assigned position is posted on the DOE website for Teacher Assigned Vacancy Circular No 11. This posting came after the UFT speech chapter met with the DOE to suggest revisions to postings to allow for a wider pool of qualified applicants.