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Special class support services part-time

Special class support services part-time provides students in community school districts and high schools with instruction in a special class setting for up to 50 percent of the day, with the remainder of the day spent in general education classes. Any special class provided in community school districts and high schools, regardless of staffing ratio, can be provided on a part-time basis.

For special class support services part-time, the special education teacher provides direct/specialized instructional services in a special class setting for up to 50 percent of the instructional day. Students can also receive supplementary aids and services, special education teacher support services, or integrated co-teaching (CTT) services for the periods they are not in a special class. When SETSS is provided in addition to special class services, the three-hour minimum for SETSS services still applies.

Each student's IEP must indicate the number of periods that special class services will be provided and the instructional areas in which the student will receive special class services as well as the supplementary aids and services, if any, the student will require when participating in general education classes. For all subjects for which the student's IEP does not recommend special education services, the student must receive instruction in a general education class with his or her peers who do not have disabilities.

Many special education teachers are no longer have full-time special class programs. It is important to remember that the reform did not change teachers’ rights with respect to program preference. Special education teachers at all levels have the right to express a preference for program designation (ICT, self-contained, SETSS, etc.) and age range.