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Teacher Leadership

The 2014 contract created an expanded career ladder for teachers, offering them opportunities and time to be instructional leaders and compensation for their time and commitment. These roles support schools' ability to:

  • Provide teachers with meaningful ways to grow their careers. Teachers with effective teaching practices can move onto a clearly articulated career pathway for growth, which encourages our best teachers to stay in the classroom longer. 
  • Ensure that excellent instruction is prioritized across the city now and in the future. Teacher leader roles can augment the important work of developing teacher practice through peer support, collaboration, and leadership.
  • Create a culture of shared leadership that bolsters collaboration. Teacher leaders can expand their reach beyond the classroom by sharing best practices with colleagues and facilitating deeper collaboration within and across schools.

What's New

Teachers leading

When the UFT and the Department of Education launched Teacher Career Pathways seven years ago, it was an effort to give teachers a career path that allowed them to remain teachers and share their hard-earned knowledge for the benefit of their...

NYC teacher leadership program lauded

New York City’s teacher leadership program is being hailed as an international model for its ability to retain, motivate and encourage collaboration among teachers.

Study shows UFT-DOE teacher leader program is a model to follow

A study of the UFT-DOE teacher leadership program released this week by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO-IIEP) found that it had a positive impact on...