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New Teacher Diaries

Learning the essence of grit

Learning the ‘essence of grit’

The past two years have been filled with unique and challenging experiences that taught me the essence of grit. I have come to realize that slow progress is still progress.

Image shows a woman and two children wearing face masks

With instruction, quality outweighs quantity

I can honestly say that when I shifted my goal from “How much can I get done in a day?” to “What are the best ways I can teach my students today?” I began to feel more comfortable and confident in my classroom, says a third-year special education teacher in the Bronx. 

I am not a superhero

‘I am not a superhero’

The expectations that society puts on teachers are as old as time, but this year, it’s gone to a whole new level. I knew going into this year we would have our work cut out for us.

It pays to plan

It pays to plan for the unexpected

A young teacher discovers that, while students may forget what educators say, they will never forget how they made them feel.

Two teachers wearing masks bump elbows instead of shaking hands.

Staying close — six feet apart

How one teacher builds a classroom culture during a pandemic.

Teacher with a student

Let’s not lose sight of our ‘why’

In mid-March, all teachers were faced with the challenge of continuing to serve and support their students from a distance due to COVID-19. As a second-year speech teacher, I have struggled to figure out, with little training and guidance, how to translate a full schedule of face-to-face therapy into a full schedule of tele-therapy.