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About the Speech Improvement Chapter

There are approximately 3,600 speech improvement teachers, the majority of whom are also licensed speech language pathologists working for the New York City Department of Education. We work in many different settings with a variety of different populations. Whether we are in a community school district, citywide program, elementary, middle or high school, we have an important job to ensure that all children get the appropriate speech and language services recommended on their individualized education programs (IEPs). As part of the IEP teams, we help determine the speech services and goals for our students. It takes the right balance of professionalism, skill and dedication to make sure that children are receiving what they really need to achieve success.  The speech chapter is here to support our members while they help the children in the educational system of NYC though meetings, dissemination of information, workshops, and classes, monthly speech chapter meetings open to all members.  We are, or course, always available to help members understand their rights and benefits as union members.