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On the Record with Michael Mulgrew

Welcome to On the Record with Michael Mulgrew, a podcast series featuring UFT President Michael Mulgrew discussing the issues of the day with special guests. Topics include the UFT’s Student Debt Relief Program, the Bronx Collaborative Schools Plan, paid parental leave and teacher evaluation.

The full series of "On the Record with Michael Mulgrew" podcasts is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and SoundCloud

Current episode

Season 4, Episode 2 -

The UFT podcast “On the Record with Michael Mulgrew" tackles two key issues for UFT members: the DOE-UFT contract and health care. Episode 2 opens with a briefing on efforts by the UFT and the other municipal unions to preserve premium-free health care for their members. And then two UFT officers who attended the union’s first bargaining session with the city and the DOE walk us through what to expect as contract talks get underway.


Previous episodes

Season 4, Episode 1 -

The UFT podcast “On the Record with Michael Mulgrew" starts its fourth season with a deep dive into the new class size law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul. UFT President Michael Mulgrew is joined by state Sen. John Liu, a major force in getting the law passed. And we will meet the 2023 New York State Teacher of the Year Billy Green, an innovative chemistry teacher from East Harlem.

Season 4 Trailer -

The UFT is restarting its podcast, "On the Record with Michael Mulgrew" on Sept. 22. We'll be talking about the new small class size law, the on-going fight against school budget cuts and stories about the great work UFT members are doing. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Season 3, Episode 5 -

If teaching during the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that reducing class size is integral to keeping education sustainable for us and our students. We have always known that reducing class size is fundamental to student achievement and equitable schools, but now it has also become an issue of public health. The City Council at last is considering a proposed landmark bill that would reduce classroom occupancy limits — and achieve smaller class sizes in every school in the years to come. On this special edition of "On The Record With Michael Mulgrew," we share highlights from the UFT's Class Size Forum on Nov. 15, 2021.

Season 3, Episode 4 -

In this episode of “On the Record,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew outlines the union's five-point plan to use more than $1 billion in new federal COVID-19 relief funds to help New York City public school students overcome the pandemic’s impact on their academic and social-emotional health. Mulgrew is joined by three city educators.

Season 3, Episode 3 -

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer joins UFT President Michael Mulgrew at a recent UFT virtual Town Hall to talk about the new administration, flipping the U.S. Senate and how to leverage this change to provide public schools the resources they need to deal with the trauma of the pandemic.