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UFT teacher standing with hands on shoulders in classroom in front of kindergarten students

New Teachers

The first five years of teaching are likely to be the most challenging of your career. The UFT is a family of educators, and we welcome our new members by providing the resources you need to be the kind of teacher that a student will always remember.

Your union

Learn about the UFT and how it can help you in your new career.

Your rights

Become familiar with the rights you have on the job as a UFT member.

Your benefits

Find out about your choice of health plans and your supplemental benefits.

Your money

Calculate your salary, learn to read your paycheck and provide for your financial future.


Having tenure means you can't be terminated without due process. Get information about this important milestone.


Get clear, reliable information about certification requirements. 

Professional growth

Find out about how your union can help you sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge. 

Safety and health

Find out about how the UFT's Safety and Health Department protects UFT members from occupational hazards.