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News for Education Officers & Education Analysts

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UFT functional chapters

Functional chapters are so named because what unites these student-support professionals is their function rather than a worksite or a school. The chapters were formed to allow these UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice.

Coronavirus Covid-19

Your health benefits during the coronavirus outbreak

With the New York metropolitan area the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, we want to inform you about the health benefits that in-service UFT members with EmblemHealth coverage, whether GHI or HIP, have.

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3 functional chapters elect new leaders

Three of the UFT's functional chapters recently elected new chapter leaders.

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Our next chapter meetings

We always send out an email notifying you of our monthly meetings. We alternate between the Brooklyn borough office at 335 Adams St., and UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway, Manhattan. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. Please confirm the meeting time and location before attending.

Update on March 7 Education Officer Exam

If you submitted a protest form at the end of your exam on March 7, you will be notified of a protest session within the next two months. You had seven days after the exam to submit this form protesting questions you thought were unfair, incorrect or irrelevant. 

UFT to offer test prep course for upcoming Education Officer Civil Service exam

The UFT Teacher Center will offer education officers, who are UFT members, the opportunity to take a test prep course for the upcoming Education Officer Civil Service exam. 


The law governing the qualified incumbent examination

A number of Education Officer and Analyst chapter members have asked about the QIE exam. The law governing the qualified incumbent examination is spelled out in New York State civil service law.

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Notice of Examination for education officers

You may apply for two examinations, now through Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018. The first is an Education and Experience Exam for Promotion to Administrative Education Officer. The second is the Open Competitive Exam, which, as its name implies, is open to all who qualify. The Promotion Exam is open to education officers and associate education officers who are permanently appointed in their title by Oct. 2, 2018. Please carefully look over the notice of examination and decide if this exam is right for you.

What you need to know about functional chapters

Although the union is called the United Federation of Teachers, the membership has grown to include many other types of educators and professionals who serve the children of New York City in a variety of ways.These Department of Education-employed members have functional chapters of their own to address common issues and concerns.

Update on 2015 civil service exam results

We know you are concerned about the 2015 civil service exam results. The DOE tells us that it has completed hiring from the list of people who passed the exam. So, for now, the DOE can keep people in a provisional status. However, the only way to truly protect yourself is for you to pass an appropriate civil service test for your title. For this reason, we have negotiated an agreement that the city Department of Citywide Administrative Services will administer a new exam by November 2018 and release a new list by November 2019.