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Trader Joe’s workers: Company skimping on safety

Study finds that Black, Latino and poor students are hurt the most by COVID-19.

Suit: California not providing equal ed during pandemic

A recent lawsuit alleges that the state of California is not providing equal education during the pandemic.

COVID hurts Black, Latino and poor students most

Study finds that Black, Latino and poor students are hurt the most by COVID-19.

Los Angeles schools to offer in-person tutoring

While all schools are fully remote in Los Angeles, the teachers union — United Teachers Los Angeles —reached an agreement with the city on Oct. 8 to offer in-person tutoring for students with disabilities and English language learners

Upstate educators lose jobs as state aid dips

Public school districts around New York State are seeing layoffs as they lose millions in state aid because of the pandemic-fueled financial crisis. Schenectady laid off about 450 educators while Albany laid off 222.

Outcry over Amazon bid to hire anti-union monitors

Amazon posted two job listings over the summer for intelligence analysts in charge of monitoring “labor organizing threats” inside the company. After the job posts went viral on social media, eliciting backlash from workers’ rights advocates, Amazon withdrew the listings on Sept. 1.

Pandemic threatens to exacerbate teacher shortage

The ongoing pandemic and deepening recession are throwing new challenges at school districts trying to stanch teacher shortages across the country.

Judge: DeVos can’t give stimulus funds to privates

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has blocked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ attempt to reroute federal coronavirus aid from public schools to private schools.