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Safety shower Q&A

What is the flow rate required for the eye wash and safety shower?
The DOE lab manual (page 16) recommends that the eyewash should provide water (78F–92F temperature) for 15 minutes of flushing at a rate of 0.4 gallons per minute. Safety shower must provide 20 minutes of tepid water.

How frequently do we test eye wash and safety shower?
According to the DOE lab manual (page 16), “Eyewash stations and safety showers must be inspected visually weekly and have an annual maintenance check.” The FDNY will require safety showers be tested annually with a record of such maintenance maintained on the premise.

How do I determine the location of a safety shower?
Eyewash stations should be at the teacher’s demo table in all science rooms. Safety showers should be in all acid rooms. When demo or lab rooms are not adjacent to prep room, that lab or demo should have an emergency shower. The shower should be reachable within 10 seconds or at a distance of 50 to 100 feet (no obstructions). Best practices are to use a stop watch and determine if you have a safety shower located within 10 seconds (from the DOE lab manual, page 3). Moreover, FDNY will require a safety shower in rooms where more than five gallons of corrosive liquids or flammable liquids are stored, handled, or used (page 32).

For more information, see this list of safety equipment for labs and eye wash and safety showers information sheet