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On the Record with Michael Mulgrew

Season 1

Episode 16 -

UFT President Michael Mulgrew talks about the need for educators to find ways to recharge over the summer. UFT Marketing Promotions Executive Lorrie-Ann Gheraldi discusses some fun summer deals available on the UFT app. 

Episode 15 -

This episode is dedicated to one of the founding members of the UFT, Abe Levine, the first vice president for elementary schools, Abe was critical to the formation of the UFT and dedicated his life to the union and its membership. On behalf of all of us at the UFT, thank you, Abe Levine, for your leadership and vision.

Episode 14 -

Aspiring doctors, lawyers, scientists and teachers were among the more than 180 students from New York City public high schools who received UFT college scholarships at the 50th Albert Shanker Scholarship Awards celebration this year. With special guest speaker New York State Attorney General Letitia James giving words of guidance, the students celebrated this pivotal moment in their lives as they prepared to embark for college.

Episode 13 -

Presidential contender? Check. Inspirational stories? Check. Serenade by the NYC Schools Chancellor? Check. This year’s UFT Spring Educational Conference had it all. Catch up on all the bochinche with the latest episode of “On the Record with Michael Mulgrew” available on the UFT website, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Episode 12 -

Ever consider running for public office? Many UFT members have the skills our communities need, but they need a nudge to "stand up and run!" Listen to the latest edition of "On the Record with Michael Mulgrew” as the UFT president asks three dynamic members of the New York State Assembly — Alicia Hyndman, Jaime Williams and Carmen de la Rosa — to share their stories about the journeys they made to elected office and the challenges they surmounted.

Episode 11 -

Saddled with student loans? Unable to navigate the many loan forgiveness programs out there? You aren’t alone. The UFT has partnered with a new service and reputable law firm to help guide members every step of the way. UFT President Michael Mulgrew walks listeners through the Student Debt Relief Program, a new benefit for UFT members only, in the latest episode of On The Record, found on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Episode 10 -

At a Bronx elementary school, suspensions and disciplinary incidents are down while student happiness, academics and parental engagement are up. How? By changing school culture. Hear more as UFT President Michael Mulgrew talks with the educators and the principal at PS 42 in the Bronx about the changes they made by bringing in resources and the joint UFT-DOE program known as the Positive Learning Collaborative.

Episode 9 -

Traditionally underserved schools in the Bronx, East New York, Brownsville and the Rockaways are getting a boost in the new Bronx Collaborative Schools Plan. Educators in these 50 schools will get to decide what their schools need to thrive — a sea change from the usual top-down decision making process in most public schools. Hear more as UFT President Michael Mulgrew and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza talk about the ‘Bronx Plan’ and why it’s long overdue.

Episode 8 -

Thinking of starting — or expanding — your family? UFT President Michael Mulgrew discusses paid parental leave with Greer Hansen-Velazquez, who runs UFT parental leave workshops for the expectant mothers, new fathers and adoptive and foster parents who are all eligible for six weeks of paid time off with their new children thanks to this new benefit that the UFT negotiated with the city in 2018.

Episode 7 -

UFT President Michael Mulgrew and New York State Teacher of the Year Alhassan Susso, a Bronx social studies instructor, talk about the magic of teaching and what it takes to reach students. Listen to this latest On the Record podcast available on the UFT website, on iTunes, on Spotify, on Stitcher or on Google Play.