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Administrative Education Officers and Analysts

Denise Crawford

Denise Williams-Crawford
Administrative Education

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Administrative Education Officers and Analysts pages on the UFT website. In the post-Janus world, I will do everything I can to support and represent you to the best of my ability. I am also depending upon your activism and support to keep the union strong as we fight anti-union forces that wish to diminish or destroy our benefits, our pensions and our union. We are nearly 500 strong and our voices matter! Read the current Memorandum of Agreement to learn about our chapter's rights and benefits.

I will need your feedback and suggestions to get the job done right. By letting me hear your voice, I can better serve as the liaison between your supervisors and our union.

If you need to reach me, please email me at Otherwise, you can send me your questions using this online form


Denise Crawford
Administrative Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Leader

Who belongs to the bargaining unit?

On July 11, 2016, the UFT and the NYC Department of Education executed an agreement enabling the UFT to become the bargaining representative for more than 450 Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers. The criteria for those Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers designated for inclusion in the bargaining unit are as follows:

  • Must be pay grade G-1 to G-4.
  • Must not be employed in any of the following locations: Offices of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, Office of General Counsel (Office of Legal Services, Office of Labor Relations, Office of Special Investigation, Office of Equal Opportunity, Office of Auditor General), Division of Human Resources or Division of Budget, Operations and Review.

Administrative Education Analysts and Officers in pay grades G-5 to G-8 are excluded from the bargaining unit. Some other exclusions may apply.

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