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ICT staffing

According to the state, school personnel assigned to each Integrated Co-Teaching class must minimally include a special education teacher and a general education teacher. In New York City, the special education teacher must be certified/licensed and appointed in special education and the general education teacher must be certified/licensed and appointed under a general education or content area license. See examples of certification requirements for co-teachers at various levels. The general education or content area teacher has primary responsibility for delivery of content area instruction in an ICT class. The special education teacher is primarily responsible for delivering specially designed instruction to remediate the learning, behavior, social, communication and other issues identified in the present levels of performance and addressed in the annual goals on the student’s IEP.

Two teachers, one general education and one special education, must be present for all periods of ICT instruction required by students’ IEPs. Co-teachers may not cover for each other during preparation periods, nor may they tag-team each other at IEP team meetings. Co-teachers may not be assigned to other duties (such as exam scoring, coverage or proctoring for other classes) that would prevent them from providing IEP mandated services.