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Positive Learning Collaborative

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We transform schools by empowering educators to bring equity to education. 

The Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) is a partnership between the United Federation of Teachers and the NYC Department of Education that helps schools ensure every child develops the social, emotional and academic skills needed to succeed in school and life.

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Who we are

The PLC is composed of a group of public school educators, psychologists and social workers with several decades of experience working in New York City. Above all, we seek to eliminate the major inequities among our public school students, where certain groups of children face a decreased chance of success. Since 2013, we have been successfully using social-emotional strategies, evidence-based training and healing practices to overcome systemic barriers that hinder learning. We turn our schools into joyful communities in which students can learn and grow. 

Our process

The PLC supports schools with a multi-tiered system of social and emotional learning supports ranging from workshops to leadership coaching. We collaborate with administrators and established school teams to examine relevant data and identify needs. Schools may be chosen to participate in our full support model, and every school has opportunities to access PLC's support through a variety of resources available on our website. 

Our impact

Since we began collaborating with our schools, several quantifiable metrics have improved. Major incidents have decreased, while staff members' trust in the administration and job satisfaction has increased. Additionally,  more than 2,500 educators at our full-support schools have received at least one form of support since 2020, and over 500 parents and caregivers have also received at least one support. 

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What's New

Mayor threatens to cut school budgets

As Gov. Kathy Hochul considers signing state legislation to reduce class sizes in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is threatening cuts to next year’s school budgets even as he sits on billions of dollars of federal education aid.

From fidgeting to focusing

Sensory tools that have long helped special education students calm down and stay alert in the classroom are now helping general education students ease back into in-person learning.

Bridging the post-pandemic learning gap

Helping students rebound from the pandemic, both academically and emotionally, is a union priority as all students return in September for in-person learning.