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Positive Learning Collaborative

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The Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC) is a partnership between the United Federation of Teachers and the NYC Department of Education that helps schools ensure every child develops the social, emotional and academic skills needed to succeed in school and life.

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Who we are

The PLC is comprised of a group of public school educators, psychologists and social workers with several decades of experience working in New York City. Above all, we seek to eliminate the major inequities among our public school students, where certain groups of children face a decreased chance of success.

What we do

Our work at each school begins with the implementation of Cornell University’s four-day certification course, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools. We believe  change can only truly occur when an entire school community uses the same language about behavior, enabling them to establish internal systems that supports teachers and students.

Training is only the beginning. PLC provides classroom consultation to assist in the implementation of therapeutic crisis intervention; positive behavior interventions and support; social- emotional learning skills; and restorative practices. 

To ensure success, PLC has developed an in-depth survey measuring and analyzing a school’s climate. Our team collaborates with every school to develop an individualized, faculty-driven action plan that addresses areas of need identified in the staff’s survey results. This approach ensures faculty participate in the school's decision-making process

Signs of success

Schools participating in our collaborative have had a 53 percent improvement in school culture, a 46 percent drop in student suspensions by the school administration or superintendent, and an overall 40 percent reduction in reported behavior incidents.

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What's New

From fidgeting to focusing

Sensory tools that have long helped special education students calm down and stay alert in the classroom are now helping general education students ease back into in-person learning.

Bridging the post-pandemic learning gap

Helping students rebound from the pandemic, both academically and emotionally, is a union priority as all students return in September for in-person learning.

Making classrooms a place for healing

The UFT, drawing on City Council funding, has developed a two-hour training session that is being offered to all educators this spring and will teach simple strategies they can incorporate into their daily practice to help them assess and respond to...